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North Shore Tours

A collection of resources for your stay on the North Shore

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Our Favorite North Shore Beaches

Though many adventures are helping you to “Go Beyond The Beach” and into the water, we certainly appreciate a few mellow days to just take in the sights and sun of Kauai! Beaches and the waters that reach them can sometimes have underlying and dangerous rip currents.

So though some of these beaches are great to relax on we ONLY recommend swimming and snorkeling at LifeGuarded Beaches. In addition, before heading out to those beaches, please check the Kauai Beach Report link for each beach.

Ha’ena Beach Park

✚ Lifeguard Present

Great swimming and snorkeling during calm conditions, this beach is where the tropical jungle meets the white sand and turquoise waters.

Famous Mount Makana looms above the beach and offers amazing sunset views. (Winter months can bring large surf. Follow all warning signs)

Tunnels Beach

Stunning mountain views paired with unique reef formations makes this beach one of the most. beautiful on all of Kauai.

Summertime brings calm conditions great for diving down into the caverns, caves & tunnels that give this beach its name. (Winter months can bring large surf. Follow all warning signs)

Hanalei Bay

✚ Lifeguard Present

This is the largest bay on Kauai. Laid back surfer vibes are contagious on this beautiful beach.

Watch the sail boats come in and out of the cove or practice your back flips with the kids that are
always playing on the famous pier. (Winter months can bring large surf. Follow all warning

Anini Beach

Perfect beach park for kiddos to play in the clam water and go on a snorkel adventure. One of
the largest barrier reefs in Hawaii, this location features stunning coral reef and long stretches of
beach to explore. You can easily spend all day!

Hideaways Beach

This small but pristine SUMMERTIME beach is well worth the steep hike down to wade in the crystal clear water and looks for turtles swimming along the reef channels. For awesome vibes above and below the surface this one’s a definite favorite.

Our Team’s Rated North Shore Restaurants

  • Most Raved About Food On Island – Chicken in a Barrel
  • Best Fancy Bar – Bar Acuda
  • Best Family Run – Tahiti Nui
  • Best Laid Back – Kalypso Island Bar & Grill
  • Best Sweets – Kilauea Bakery & Pizza
  • Farm to Table – Kauai One
  • Best of the Best – Kauai Juice Co.
  • Farm to Dough – Honey Grail Donuts (IG worthy)
  • Rock your socks – Sushigirl in Kilauea
  • Best Pizza – Hanalei Pizza Shop
  • Best Smoothies – Moloaa Sunrise Juice Bar

Our Suggestions for North Shore FREE Things to do

(We cannot stress enough the importance of enjoying our island in the safest way possible. Therefore, these recommendations are simply that. Recommendations of places for you to visit at your own risk and assume all liability and responsibility for your safety and those in your group. Please follow ALL local guidelines and posted signs for safety)

  • Hike to Queens bath
  • Hanalei Valley Lookout
  • Sunsets at Hanalei Bay